Sasuke's Ass
Name: Michélle
Age: 18
Orientation: The Pans
Languages: English and 90% of Spanish

Takafumi x Zen || Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (movie)

Hiatus fo five days going to bumbershoot
I’ll post more and such when im back


Momo-chan is my cheese buddie


I really hope people now realize that haruka CLEARLY doesn’t want to go pro and it’s not for him. I mean yeah sure it might have been great if he was actually interested but he’s obiously not; just the thought of it makes him feel trapped. He would be fucking miserable if he followed that path. Look and pay attention to Haru’s character jesus christ.


Is this porn

Sexuality: Well animated anime fight scenes with good background music


But look at how Haru goes from being really agitated

to a much softer expression as soon as he realised Makoto is speaking to him

and then he pretends it’s nothing to stop Makoto from worrying


I make a lot of embarrassing noises when startled but this tops them all

:\ and that includes the time someone thought there was a bird in the building ugh ugh


┓┏┓┏┓┃   /

we will live in order to support Solomon from both sides.